IGT 126iM Regulator Cum Shutoff Device

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IGT Gas Safety Device Manual utilized in over eighty counties of the globe and are cerium certified with ISO 9001 certification. The product comes with a insurance of 4 Million Euro from International Insurance co. This contrivance can replace your normal LPG regulator and incorporates a double safety since it’ll not come back off even once the knob is on “off” mode till you press the aspect button to DE clutch it. So 2 hundredth safety and just in case of excess gas flow once there’s a serious discharge it’ll shut off ninety seven LPG offer to the system and so saves life. There is a gauge/meter connected to indicate the qty. of gas in your cylinder and you’ll do the leak check once mounting the regulator on to the cylinder as follows- Set up the IGT regulators cum gas safety and connect the tube to the stove. Now flip the knob of the regulator on and see the needle on the gauge to travel on to the inexperienced space of the gauge to indicate that you simply have enough quantity of gas in your cylinder. Keep this on for five min and watch the needle .If the needle doesn’t change posture in these five min while not the stove being lighted then there’s no discharge in your system

Benefits 1) Excess Flow Valve

2) Advance Lock System

3) Dual Gas Sealed Technology

4) Inlet Valve

5) If Gas Pipe is cut, fire, damage, leakage then it is stop automatically by (Excess Flow Safety Device)

6) Get best quality in Reliable Price

7)2 Million EURO Product Liability Insurance

8) 5 Year Replacement Warranty

9) MADE BY European Standard Quality EN12864.

10) In Worldwide 90 Country have a Sales and distributor Partner.

11) Leak and Level Indicator

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