Siemens Pockettio DHP Digital Pocket Hearing Instrument

6,490.00 4,499.00

  • Easy To Wear 3 Receiver Tips For Comfortable Fit – Suits Every Ear Canal Lanyard For Convenient Carrying Clip For Fastening On Belt Or Pocket
  • Easy To Use Individual Change Of Loudness With Volume Control Optical (Led Indicator) And Acoustical Signals For Power On, Program Selection, Low Battery Capacity Easy To Operate Battery Door And Battery Insertion, Long Battery Life And Use Of Standard Battery (Aa)
  • 3 Programs For Different Hearing Situations: Program 1 Optimized For Speech Understanding Program 2 Optimized For Noisy Surroundings Program 3 Optimized For Hearing Comfort
  • Audio Input For Connection To Tv Or Other Audio Devices, Automatically Switches To Tv Audio When Siemens Pockettio Is Connected To Tv Via Cable