Power Cube Extended USB With 1.5 Mtrwire, 4 Power outlets 2 USB ports

The next time you are looking for a power outlet for your laptop or mobile and can’t find one – simply create one! Goldmedal introduces the PowerCube that makes it really easy to create a power outlet where you want it: on walls, on table tops, pillars and just about anywhere you want it! In fact, with each PowerCube, you don’t get one, but multiple outlets. And if that’s not enough, you can stack one PowerCube over another to create as many outlets as you want. So now, there’s no limit to where you can have power or the number of connections you can have! Just reach out for a PowerCube and get connected! Extended USB: The Extended USB PowerCube has a 5 ft extension cord along with a Dual USB sockets. The USB sockets are particular handy for charging mobile phones and other electrical devices that charge through USB ports. The other four sides host regular 3-pin sockets.