VIMAL-EHFB1 Ellipse 2 PIN Flex Box 4 Meter Cable (with Master Switch, Indicator,& International Socket)

350.00 299.00

  • Warranty: No warranty
  • Multiple Sockets – Cords that allow you to Power multiple devices at once with Ultra-smooth rotation. Adequate space has been provided between the sockets for accommodating plugs of different designs.
  • Copper Cored Wire, Integrated Pure Brass Circuit & High Quality Polycarbonate Plastic for ensuring strength and fire resistance
  • Locking Socket – A locking mechanism built into the extension cord socket that keeps the device and cord securely connected.
  • LED Indicator – Indicates status of power supply ON/OFF.Rated Voltage – 240V AC, Frequency – 60Hz, Current – 6A
  • International socket- Suitable for all types of plugs that are used in almost 150 countries.

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