Havells Pro RO UV 8 L Water Purifier, Blue

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  • Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV purification 100% water passes through the RO membrane and then UV purification to ensure absolutely safe and pure drinking water.
  • Minerals cartridge It corrects the pH of purified water, adds back full spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements and provides healthier and tastier water always.
  • I Protect purification monitoring Constantly monitors the purification process, ensures safe water always.
  • Electrical protection system Advanced electronics ensure purifier performs well in the voltage range of 170 V – 330 V. Power trips if voltage exceeds 330 V or if it drops below 170 V. It protects purifier from any electrical damage.
  • Germicidal UV Purification with optimum UV dose of 253.7 nm irradiation provides safe water.

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